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re: Naxx Military Quarter 10 Man

-Instructor Razuvious



DISRUPTING SHOUT - Does 4-5k hit to everyone every 15 secs or so
JAGGED KNIFE - Hits random player every 10 secs , 5 k initial damage then 10 k damage over 5 seconds can be avoided via los


Basically when you get to this boss youll see two crystals ... One for the MT and one for the OT.. youll end up clicking these and controlling the adds by the boss to tank the boss ... They have 3 simple commands ...(4) High Dam Attack (5) Taunt (6) Shield Wall ... Any time youre tanking the boss you should have (6) Shield Wall up ...which lasts 20 sec ... So one of you will tank first and at roughly 15 sec the other should cast (6) Shield Wall then (5) Taunt then continue with (4) High Dam Attack... when the other tanks (5) Taunt (6) Shield Wall are up he should cast them and rinse and repeat ... You need to watch the channeling bar as well ... you should dismiss them after the other tank has just taken over for you ... then click on the crystal to regain control ... its vital that you always have your (6) Shield Wall up when tanking


The raid will taking damage from DISRUPTING SHOUT and JAGGED KNIVE ... So be ready for that .. Then the tanks will be taking constant damage as well ...


Simple Fight ... KIll the boss


Pretty easy fight ... Tanks control the adds with crystals ... Dps do what you do dps .. and healers just heal the raid and the add tanks

-Gothik the Harvester


HARVEST SOUL - Casted every 15 secs reducing the stats of the raid by 10% it stacks so you have 2min 30 to kill him
SHADOW BOLTS - Targets random players and does a shadow bolt to them

Phase 1

Basically when you walk in youll notice the boss up top on a platform and if you look at the room its divided by a gate where the part you walk into is the "living side" and the other side being the "undead side" . Youll need to divide your raid into 2 groups which will fight on the living side and the other one which will fight on the undead side . You need to move to your side before the fight for once you start it the gate in the middle will close . What happens is when something from the living side dies it goes to the undead side . There are three type of mobs that spawn Unrelenting Trainee , Unrelenting Deathknight , and Unrelenting Rider. Anytime the rider is out all dps should focus fire this one down it has an aura about it doing aoe damage so it should be killed asap . As far as where you position during this ... if you are in a corner the mobs will have to come to you ... making it easier to pick up mobs ... without so much chaos factor . After 4 min and 30 sec Phase 2 will begin

Phase 2

Gothik will teleport down to the living side first where youll engage in battle . Every so often hell teleport sides where aggro is kept and is tauntable . You have 2 min and 30 secs to kill him for he does a 10% reduce stat debuff every 15 secs . Eventually the middle gate will open and you can regroup with you raid and kill Gothik as one


Split up into 2 groups kill the adds boss comes down burn it ... Then on get ya freak on blowup doll style ... with a little of karoke love

-Four Horsemen Chest



Thane Korth'azz - Meteor ... drops a meteor down ... everyone you should group up and get hit by it ... the damage is divided between all that is hit
Highlord Mograine - Righteous Fire
Lady Blaumeux - Void Zone forms a blackhole where youre standing simply move from it
Sir Zeliek - Holy Wrath


If youre looking at the room from the standpoint of just walking in to the front left will be Thane ...Front Right will be Highlord Mograine ... Back left will be Lady Blaumeux and back right will be Sir Zeliek

They will move into position once the fight begins

You should break your party into 4 different groups .

Melee Horses
Front Left (Thane)- 1 tank 1 healer 3 Dps
Front Right (Mograine) - 1 tank 1 healer
Caster Horses
Back Left (Lady Blaumeux) - 1 range
Back Right (Sir Zeliek) - 1 range 1 healer

Each horse emits a mark which will stack up to 6 marks . The more marks you have the more damage you will take. Depending on which side youre on will change the tactic one uses to deal with getitng rid of these marks

For People on Melee Horses : At mark 3 the tanks are going to want to take their horses toward each other meeting at the middle and taunting the other tanks horse off and bringing back to their side . Therefore they will be getting a new mark while since the horse they had is now on the other side the old mark will fade away. Youll simply rinse and repeat this tactic until the horses are dead. You might want to have someone else run with you when youre getting Thane for incase of an untimely meteor. Also remember you should always group up when Thane is on your side for when the meteor comes the more people that get hit the less damage you take

For People On Caster Horses : Basically you will be just moving from one side to the other once you get 3 marks as well ... Its a little more tricky for the healer on this side.. he will need to position himself so he can heal both people while only taking one mark at a time. The horses on this side dont move only the people .


This fight is fairly easy once people understand their roles . Main thing to remember is always group up when Thane is on your side ... you do not want one person to eat the entire meteor ... Once the melee horses go down move over to the caster horses and burn them down
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