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re: The Big Black Book of TNE

I can hear Leiclaim already saying "Why's it gotta be black?"

Aight. This thread will be for ongoing general and raid rules for the guild. It will be a collective thread so as new policies come and go they can be added and removed as deemed needed.

So without any further delay:

1) Use of any Toy Train Set in a 25 man raid is strictly Prohibited. A fine of -10dkp will be enforced plus an optional -1DKP per "chooo chooo" at officer discretion.
2) Leaving a scheduled raid without prior notification (prior to invite) will cost the raider their on-time and ending DKP for the week.
3) Guildee's are expected to keep vent clear at ALL TIMES including during group formation and loot distribution (except for Raid Leaders). If a wipe occurs or loot misappropriated due to someone's chatter, a -10dkp penalty will be enforced. An additional Global Mute may be placed on the person's vent ID for the remainder of the night at officer discretion.
4) Maintaining chat in /general in any instance is prohibited. If the raid loses focus due to /general chat trolling, the first person who posted will be penalized -10dkp. Exceptions will be made if a rival guild (*cough* Dauntless) says negative comments regarding TNE or a TNE member. In rare occassions it will be permitted for the WHOLE raid to retaliate to show the aggressor who's boss.
5) Posting of a DPS chart from anyone other than a raid lead in /raid or /guild chat will cost the poster -10DKP. Exceptions are made when a Raid Lead requests said info which would usually be for the purpose of analyzing data to assist in the killing of a boss.
6) QQ'ing or creating arguments during a raid or during raid distribution is not allowed. While it might be acceptable to voice a single concern at an appropriate time it is still advised to whisper a Raid lead or an Officer in the guild. An ongoing argument or an extended QQ'ing session will yield in -10DKP for the participants.
7) Raid members are expected to be at raid location fully prepared at the exact minute the raid is scheduled to start. They are NOT to be summoned UNLESS we asked said person to respec or specifically grab an item from the AH or Guild Bank. Raid Leads are permitted to stay in a Major City until go-time for the purpose of grabbing last minute items, possible /trade pugging (when needed) and to allow them the extra time while they are focused on putting the raid together.
8) Raid Lead's (RL) are assigned by the Guild Master. A maximum of three (3) RL's can be assigned per 25 man Raid but in most cases only 1 or 2 RL's per 25 man raid. Raid Leads are responsible for formation of the raid, choosing of the raid participants, assigning loot, explaining the fights, calling out instructions, and more. Raid Lead's are required to be online and ready to start the raid 30 minutes prior to go time and expected to be mature and responsible when dealing with any and all situations that arise during the span of the raid. A RL is different than a Class Lead (CL).
9) Any fight that is not "on farm" status requires ALL raid members to be fully buffed. If you do not have a flask (or elixer) buff and food buff during all new content, you may lose your ability to bid on an items for that fight or even for the night at RL discretion.
10) To recieve on-time and ending DKP you must have signed up for the raid on our website calendar prior to the raid.

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